Solar Is Hot
Solar is one of the newest trends in the “green” consumer market. Why? A growing majority of Americans (>80 percent) believe that global climate change is a reality. Yet, very few environmentally-friendly choices can showcase their beliefs. Solar panels on a rooftop, however, like a car stamped “hybrid,” are emerging as one of the most visible ways to tout an environmentally-conscious commitment to neighbors, friends and clients. And, this commitment to the environment seems to be broad based - crossing political, age, gender and income demographics.

Solar Is Cost Effective
Escalating utility costs and available incentives have shifted the economics for solar. Now is a good time for consumers and businesses to take advantage of these incentives and reduce energy costs.

Solar Is “Dark Green”

“How green are you?” has taken on new importance in today’s world. Choosing the sun, rather than fossil fuels, is good for the environment, the state’s economy and national security.